Club Policies & Rules


Everyone should be able to enjoy golf in a safe environment and Ludlow Golf Club is committed to ensure that our members & visitors are able to play and enjoy the sport in a friendly environment.
All members of our team are dedicated to ensuring that all players can learn, participate and develop in a happy and safe environment.

Safeguarding Officers
- Mike Gardner - Welfare Officer -

I am the LGC Ltd Company Secretary and have been a member for over 30 years. I have had two sons pass through the Club and a strong interest in the Junior golf at the Club. I have been involved with the SHUGC for 10 years and on the SHUGC Admin for 4 years. I am always available to LISTEN

- Ladies Welfare Officer - TBA -

Ludlow Golf Club Ltd - Course Closure Policy

    a. The course may be closed by the Course Manager or the General Manager/Professional or a member of the Board supervising a competition, or a member of the Board should it be considered that the course is, or has become, unsuitable for play and damage to the course would result if the play were permitted. If play is already underway a klaxon will be sounded and, during a competition, players may choose to play out the hole they are on or mark their ball. Players must then cease playing and either leave the course or take shelter and await the further sounding of the klaxon to indicate play may resume.
    b. A decision to allow the start or resumption of play will be after an inspection by the Course Manager or the General Manager/Professional or a member of the Board has deemed it fit for play.
    c. In the event of approaching electrical activity it will be monitored either from the Pro Shop or the Clubhouse bar. If the storm proximity reaches danger point any of the General Manager/Professional, a Board Member or bar staff will sound the klaxon. If play is stopped due to imminent electrical activity players MUST cease play immediately when they hear the klaxon. They may mark their ball but MUST leave the course by the quickest way possible and return to the clubhouse. Play will only be allowed to recommence when the electrical activity meter shows the danger has passed.
    d. In the event of fog the Course Manager, General Manager/Professional or another member of the Board will determine that conditions are safe to play by the visibility measured from the Clubhouse to the Race Club grandstand. No play will be allowed anywhere on the course if this test is not passed. If fog descends when players are on the course the klaxon will be sounded and players MUST cease play immediately. Players may return to the Clubhouse or, stay on the course, to await the resumption of play when the klaxon is sounded again.
    It shall be the responsibility of the Course Manager to determine when play is to be suspended on a green due to maintenance work or weather conditions and a temporary green is brought into use. Where planned work is to be undertaken on a green, then the area designated to be utilised as a temporary green shall be prepared in advance of the work being undertaken and members notified in writing.
    The course may be required to be closed for reasons other than playing conditions. When this happens, the Board will inform members of the reasons and the extent of the closure, clubhouse, course, practice area, etc. The Board will do its best to indicate a timescale for the closure when this is within its powers and knowledge.
    When this situation occurs, members are asked to follow the Board's instructions until the facility in question is returned to normal use. Members failing to respect and abide by the instructions will be asked to explain their actions to the Board and may be subject to disciplinary procedures within the rules of the Club.

    On behalf of the Board of Ludlow Golf Club Ltd
    7th April 2020