Ability Tees & Slope Rating

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At Ludlow Golf Club the Red & Yellow Teeing areas have been rated by the Shropshire & Herefordshire County Union of Golf Assessors for social & competition play for both Genders.

The R & A:

"Many clubs that have pursued a programme of encouraging players to play from tees appropriate to their ability have found considerable success by avoiding having designated “men’s” and “women’s” tees.

If golfers are to be encouraged to play from the tees that suit their game, it is equally as important to provide men’s and women’s course ratings from the different sets of tees for handicapping purposes.

England Golf:

"This is all about making the best use of your golf course for all your members and for newcomers who want to take up the game. You’re not building new holes or tees, you’re just rating what you already have.

Its seen as the perfect way to encourage improving golfers, to retain ageing players and to promote social golf.

Golfers who are losing length can move to forward tees; improving players can gain an extra challenge by moving back and social golfers can choose to play together off the same tees."

At Ludlow we want all members to play and to be part of the club for as long as they wish to be.

The White Teeing areas remain only available to Male golfers due to the length as advised by the County Assessors.

Course & Slope Ratings


White: cr 70.8 sr 123 Yellow: cr 69.4 sr 118 Red: cr 67.2 sr 111


Yellow: cr 75.3 sr 130 Red: cr 72.7 sr 126