Official Representatives
- John Watts - President -

Having originally joined Ludlow Golf Club in 1963, with a subscription fee of just £3, I have enjoyed many years playing this wonderful course. This club has been a big part of my life for so many years, so I was deeply touched when the club bestowed upon me the position of Club President for 2024.

- Rupert Munton - Mens Captain -

I am proud to be the 2024 Gents Captain and I look forward to giving the members an enjoyable year

- Anne Belshaw - Womens Captain -

I am very proud to be Lady Captain of Ludlow Golf Club and look forward to having an enjoyable golfing year.

- Dave Ward - Seniors Mens Captain -

It is an honour to serve as the Senior Captain for 2024. I will do my best to support Senior Golf Members, Senior Events and maximise the experience playing Senior Golf at Ludlow Golf Club.

- Janet Roberts - Senior Ladies Captain -

It was a great honour to be asked to be Ludlow Golf Club Senior Ladies Captain for the year 2024-25.